Safe Haven

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My latest cover piece for Amarillo Magazine is "Safe Haven," a feature in the October issue about Dove Creek Ranch & Equine Sanctuary west of Canyon, Texas. I'd never been there, but discovered a truly peaceful hidden canyon where Laurie Higgins-Kerley and her ranch foreman Frank Castillo rehabilitate injured or neglected horses.

As I followed them around taking notes, I ended up with weird scribbles down my notepad because the friendly horses kept nuzzling against my arm.

Horses be all disrupting my interview.

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Here's an excerpt from the published piece:

A large chocolate-colored thoroughbred saunters up to her, his big brown eyes level with hers. “This is Leon,” she says. “Leon Redbone.” He’s friendly, sweet, and named for the blues musician. “We’ve had him for around a year. He comes from the racetrack. Look at his ankles.” She points down toward the horse’s visibly swollen legs. “That’s cartilage damage, probably from overuse. He was severely underweight. We started pushing fluids and getting him back in shape. He probably won’t ever be rideable again, but he’d make a great companion horse.”

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