Amarillo is a Tex-Mex Joint in Finland

Jason BoyettComment

In early October, my wife and I traveled in Europe with our friends Trace & Becca Bundy. Trace is a fingerstyle acoustic guitarist with an international following and was doing several shows in the UK and Europe. We tagged along. Our families parted ways when he left for performances in Finland while Aimee and I headed for a weekend at a floating B&B in Amsterdam.

Within a few hours of arriving in Jyväskylä—a Finnish city whose name I won't even try to pronounce because I'm afraid of umlauts—Trace gleefully texted us a set of menu photos. His hosts had taken him to a popular Tex-Mex place called...Amarillo. That's right: A Finnish restaurant named after my hometown.

From the restaurant's website:

The best Tex-Mex food in town and rocking parties at the bar

Amarillo was born deep in the heart of Texas. Our chefs have crisscrossed around Texas and sat at the campfire on both sides of the Rio Grande so that we could offer you the best Tex-Mex this side of the ocean. Hamburgers, fajitas, bolillos, wings, 'dillas and other delicacies in the Amarillo style – imposing and fulfilling servings!

I've never had bollillos in the "Amarillo style" or otherwise. Those are authentic Mexican delicacies but not really Tex-Mex in this part of the country. I've had all the other stuff, and I guess those fajitas and whatnot have been both "imposing and fulfilling."

In fact, I was at a local place just the other day when a boot-wearing patron stood up and announced, "Boy, howdy, was that an imposing and fulfilling chile relleno!" All the chefs looked up from their campfires and nodded knowingly.

One more thing: Everyone in Amarillo, Texas, knows never to order wings or hamburgers at a Tex-Mex place. That's just dumb.