Show Up and Sit Down: Amarillo's "Cuddlers" at NWTHS

Jason BoyettComment
Photo by Shannon Richardson for Amarillo Magazine

Photo by Shannon Richardson for Amarillo Magazine

Most organizations struggle to find able and willing volunteers. This position, though, has a lengthy waiting list. And no wonder—all you have to do is sit in a chair and hold babies from the NICU. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

The one thing we hear from parents is ‘I’m so glad there was somebody there to love on my baby,’” Imel says. In situations where a mother might have to leave her child in the NICU and return to work, she will return each evening to find a comprehensive report of her child’s day. “They have a little schedule on their bed that shows they’ve been cuddled today. It may be hard, but at the same time, they’re appreciative that there was somebody that took the time to give their baby a little extra tender love and care.” — "Cuddle Up," the January 2018 cover story for Amarillo Magazine.

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