The History of Nursing in Amarillo

Jason BoyettComment

"Before Amarillo had a hospital, it had precisely four nurses. And had those four nurses not arrived when they did, the city might not even exist..."

Photos by Shannon Richardson for Amarillo Magazine

Photos by Shannon Richardson for Amarillo Magazine

In the October issue of Amarillo Magazine, I had the opportunity to write not only about the history of nursing in Amarillo—it's a fascinating story that involves a typhoid outbreak and nuns named Cleophas, Eugenius, Winifred and Conrad—but also about the current state of nursing education. I was impressed by the passion of local nursing educators at Amarillo College and West Texas A&M University.

This was a complicated story with a ton of interviews and research, but as usual, it left me impressed by the people I had the privilege of talking to. Read "Municipal Health" here.