My Newest Book: 100 Days of Trump

Jason BoyettComment

After writing a fast, research-intense book on Greek mythology in late 2015 and a fast, research-intense book on world religions in 2016, I didn't think I had another book in me for awhile.

Then the American people elected Donald J. Trump to be the 45th president. About two weeks into his presidency, I found myself obsessively browsing news sites to find out what he had said that day. It was always something completely unpredictable—sometimes self-promoting, or controversial, or patently untrue. Whatever it was, it was completely different from the ways other presidents had talked.

The media didn't know what to do with it. They were used to reporting almost every word that came out of a president's mouth, and so they dutifully reported what Trump said or tweeted. Every statement would dominate the news cycle for a few hours. Then he (or members of his administration) would say something else that captured the nation's attention. So the news cycle jumped on that. Day after day after day.

As a writer, I believe that words matter. Especially if you carry the title of President of the United States, which filters everything you say through the world's largest megaphone. Rather than forget about each statement as it flowed through and then drained out of the daily news cycle, I wanted to remember the president's words. 

Early in February, I was discussing this new reality with my wife, Aimee. "You should write a book about all these quotes," she said.


So I started writing. Every day, I picked a quote that had gotten significant coverage in the day's news cycle. I wrote a paragraph of context explaining why the quote mattered, or why it had captured our attention. I could have done it for weeks or months, of course, but I decided to limit it to the president's first 100 days. I released 100 Days of Trump yesterday, on his 101st day in office. Self-publishing is immediate, and I think it's a perfect medium for this kind of book.

Whether you supported Trump or not, I hope this compilation of quotes provides some insight into the neck-breaking pace of this period in American history.

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