Mile Marker 13, U.S. Highway 163 in Monument Valley

Jason BoyettComment

Mile Marker 13 on US Highway 163 in southern Utah's Monument Valley is the place where Forrest Gump ended his cross-country run. It's the site of one of the most iconic photos of the American West. And because it's also sort of between the Grand Canyon and Moab (Arches National Park), we decided to drive it during our June road trip.

It's a ridiculously scenic drive. When we first got to the famous marker, we were alone. By the time we left, several vehicles and a large crowd of people had stopped.

We let our kids shoot the middle-of-the-road photo, but only with one parent looking in one direction for oncoming traffic and another looking the opposite direction. You can see a long way in the photo above, but there's a rise behind you. Could be dangerous for people not paying attention—like one guy with a video camera who almost got run over as we were leaving. He just set up a tripod right in the middle of the highway and was shooting away, oblivious to the fact that, you know, THIS IS A HIGHWAY.

Get the photo. But don't be an idiot.