Hope is a Four-Letter Word

Jason BoyettComment

Really proud of my cover story for the August issue of Amarillo Magazine. It's called "Hope Is a Four-Letter Word" and tells how nonprofits and Amarillo residents are working to transform the historic, troubled San Jacinto neighborhood from the inside out. Interviewed a ton of people for this one, from the medical staff behind Heal the City to formerly incarcerated women rebuilding their lives at Patsy's Place Transitional Home to poverty activists who have a big vision for the area. I was especially impressed with the senior adults serving a weekly meal to other senior adults at Acts Community Resource Center

Brady Clark summarized the work happening there with a fantastic quote that found its way into the piece: "No one agency, no one ministry, no one organization can deal with this. It’s too big.”

As Heal the City continues to expand and Square Mile Industries works on bringing a grocery co-op to the neighborhood, I'm excited to see how things continue to shape up in San Jacinto.

[photos by Shannon Richardson for Amarillo Magazine]

[photos by Shannon Richardson for Amarillo Magazine]