Talking Mythology on the StoryMen Podcast

Jason BoyettComment

Back in late 2012, I recorded an interview about the looming 2012 apocalypse with Clay Morgan, Matt Mikalatos, and JR Forasteros on a new podcast they had started called StoryMen. It was only their second episode, and I was their very first interview. Luckily, the Mayan apocalypse didn't go down as planned—surprising perhaps dozens of people—and the podcast was able to continue production.

Now three years later, they've got 132 episodes under their belt and are still going strong. This time around they had me on to discuss my new Greek Mythology book. You can listen to it or download it here. The episode starts with a mythology quiz among the three hosts. My portion starts around 12 minutes in.

We have a good freewheeling discussion about why I wrote the book, which stories are my favorite, why the Greek myths matter, how Christianity killed the Greek religion, and why I got so enraged when the guys' intro mistakenly identified me as being from Lubbock, Texas.

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