Rays of Sunshine: Eveline Rivers' Sunshine Cottage

Jason BoyettComment

I wrote about Amarillo philanthropy icon Eveline Rivers-McCoy and her Sunshine Cottages for the April issue of Amarillo Magazine. This organization invites single moms and kids to live in a cluster of homes while the moms finish their education. There's a built-in support system, and it has been truly successful. It's an amazing idea...and ought to be happening elsewhere. (It's not.)

An excerpt:

The moms are laughing and talking about their day at school. When Eveline Rivers-McCoy joins them on the sidewalk, dodging kids in the process, she laughs as she pulls the moms into three sincere hugs. The four women don’t look alike, but the affection and familiarity they show one another is like that of a family.

A long-time icon of local philanthropy, Eveline has another word for it. “We call it a sisterhood,” she says. “All the moms are going through the same scenario. All the children are a part of the scenario, so their friendships have bonded, too.”

One of my favorite pieces in awhile to write and interview.

[photo by Shannon Richardson]