Energy-Efficient Housing in Amarillo

Jason BoyettComment

I have a big compost pile in my backyard. We program our thermostat, pay for recycling (it's not offered locally), experiment with vermicomposting, have a home garden, and do our best to minimize waste. In a city that's pretty unfriendly to "liberal" ideas, we're attempting to be good stewards of the environment—as much as possible around here. So I was thrilled to get to interview local green builder Brandon Dumas and write a feature about energy-efficient homes.

Biggest surprise? Environmentally friendly homes are a hard sell here. That doesn't work as a marketing pitch. It actually makes some people mad. But everyone's happy to save money. So what other cities call environmentally friendly construction we call "energy-efficient" construction. That way everyone's happy, including the environment. (Shhhhh.)

[Illustration by Kayla Morris of Amarillo Magazine]