Faces of Service

Jason BoyettComment
Photo by Shannon Richardson

Photo by Shannon Richardson

For the December issue of Amarillo Magazine, I profiled a number of local volunteers working hard to make Amarillo a better place. They included:

  • A singer who entertains dementia residents at a skilled nursing facility
  • A former CEO who participated in three different service projects on a single Saturday
  • A 15 year-old who recruits her peers to join her in volunteering
  • An accountant who spends her evenings organizing parties for the homeless
  • A victim of domestic violence who raises money for other victims
  • A Hispanic social worker who promotes higher education within her community

I loved interviewing these people and telling their stories. In a time when a lot of people have grown cynical about Amarillo's leaders, these quiet leaders are driven by a passion to help people. "I know I’m supposed to do this,” one told me. “If I don’t, shame on me.”

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