Amarillo's Wildcat Bluff

Jason BoyettComment

This was one of my favorite on-location interviews of the year—a walk through Wildcat Bluff Nature Center with Mary Emeny and Vivien Young, the executive director. I used to hike and run the trails at Wildcat Bluff before the drought forced it to close a few years back. I was fun to go back, get reacquainted with the staff, and see how the spring and summer rains had brought the place back to life. 

Here's an excerpt from "Bursting With Potential" in the October issue of Amarillo Magazine. This made me laugh.

The paved trail takes you to a small pond, tucked behind high grasses and covered by a small footbridge. The bridge creaks as you step upon it. “Watch this,” says Vivien Young, the part-time executive director of Wildcat Bluff Nature Center. She takes one more step. As if on cue, frogs leap from the planks and out of the high grass, pelting the water in a hailstorm of pocket-sized amphibians.
The water shivers as minnow-sized killifish – transplants from the Canadian River – dart back and forth beneath the dive-bombing frogs.
“I love to do that," Young says.

Here's the full story.