Now I'm Noticing Bees More Often

Jason BoyettComment

For several weeks I've been seeing bees buzzing around the flowers on my coleus in the front yard. Now that I know my high school friend Brian Schneider is keeping bees in his backyard about a mile away from me, I assume those are his bees. 

Bees usually stay within a few miles of their hive. I know this because I interviewed a bunch of local beekeepers for this story in the October issue of Amarillo Magazine, in which I forced myself not to use all the buzz-related puns.

Muir says he will start working with a hive – inspecting the queen’s health, checking the amount of honey, inspecting bees for mites – and discover that two or three hours have passed without him thinking about work. “It’s almost like meditation. You have a break from your brain for a while. I enjoyed a lot of pretty evenings this summer out in the cotton fields.”

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(Above photo by Shannon Richardson.)