Books. Magazine articles. Blog content. Brochures, video scripts, ad copy, and celebrity tweets. For the past 15 years, I've made a living by stringing together words into sentences.

Sometimes my name is attached to these words. I've written more than a dozen books, including two that released in 2016: Lust, Chaos, War, Fate (a guide to Greek mythology) and a comparative religions book called 12 World Religions

I've also written hundreds of magazine articles. My byline has appeared in The Daily BeastSalon, American CowboyBeliefnetPasteRelevant MagazineCollide“On Faith” at The Washington Post, The Guardian, and several other publications you may or may not have heard of. I'm also the monthly contributing writer for Amarillo Magazine in my Texas hometown and have been writing a couple of features for it every month since 2013. 

In most cases, though, I'm invisible in the background of my words. As a ghostwriter and advertising copywriter, I've written for an audience of millions—literally—in a rotating list of celebrity social media accounts. I've ghost-blogged on behalf of Internet-famous bloggers, tweeted for Grammy-award winning musicians, and posted regularly on Facebook pages that engage as many as a million followers a day. I ghostwrite books, write ad copy for clients across the U.S., and describe far-flung destinations for travel companies. You probably have read my stuff. You just didn't know it.

When people ask me what I do, I've stopped telling them I'm an author or journalist or copywriter. What I say now is that I'm a professional writer. Words are what I do. (Email me.)

Affiliate Disclaimer: I participate in Amazon's affiliate advertising program, so when I link books (mostly my own) on this site, it'll likely be an affiliate link to Amazon. Beware.